Triangle Swim School

Parent & Baby Classes

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(6 months – 18 months); 8:1 swimmer to teacher ratio

Parents and children participate in an activity circuit,  Skills taught include submersion and breath control, front and back floating and basic safety skills like holding onto the wall and climbing out independently.  Each parent and child works at their own pace.  These classes are similar to a playgroup atmosphere with songs and toys to keep the children engaged.  The teaching ratio is 6 babies and parents for every 1 instructor depending on the level.

If your child in enrolled in this class they are required to wear a re-usable swim diaper. Please do not use disposable swim diapers.  We require that whatever you use have snug elastic around the leg and around the waist.  

(19 months – 3 years); 8:1 swimmer to teacher ratio

This is a great introduction to the water, water safety, and basic swimming skills for beginner swimmers without any experience. For swimmers with some previous swimming or water experience, our instructors build on skills to develop stronger and more confident swimmers. Our instructors provide a fun and safe environment to learn proper floating techniques for the front and back, how to go under the water, hold breath, and beginner water safety skills.

Goals: Float on front unassisted, assisted back floating, hold breath underwater, put whole face in the water, develop a greater confidence in the pool.

Advanced Goals: proper kicking technique while front floating, back floating unassisted, pick up toys off of bottom of pool, introduction to freestyle arms, round circle for full length of pool.

Safety Goals: jump in safely, jump in without goggles, jump in/turn/breathe/grab the wall with assistance, walking on pool deck.

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