Triangle Swim School

Sibling and Friend Classes

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Children must be at least 3 years old to enroll in these classes.

Mixed level classes are designed to accommodate families with siblings or friends who are at different ages and instructional levels.  Because these are semi-privates the instructor has the ability to work with each child at their own pace.  You must sign up for both slots when enrolling in one of these classes, the class will be converted to a private class if you enroll only one child.

The teaching ratio is 2 children for every 1 instructor.

PLEASE NOTE  –  For classes that include TODDLERS UNDER THE AGE OF 4, we will split the class into 15 minute segments for each child.  This is for safety reasons only.  If the older child is advanced and can swim longer distances we can not leave the younger sibling or friend on the stairs.  Please call support with any questions you might have regarding this.

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